Notice: Please Update Old Links and Bookmarks

The website, which began operation on April 11, 2000, was rebranded and relaunched in June of 2015 and is now operating as JohnstonCounty.Today.

If you are viewing this page, it is likely you arrived here from an old link or an outdated bookmark.  Please take a moment to update your bookmarks so you go directly to JohnstonCounty.Today, rather than using any previous links.

As the final part of switching over from the old infrastructure, the domain name will be completely shut down.  That means that links and bookmarks referring to will cease to be redirected to JohnstonCounty.Today.

From that point on, the domain name of may be used for an entirely different site with different owners and we will have no control over the content.

Thank you for updating your links and bookmarks so they point directly to JohnstonCounty.Today!