Johnston County, NC Arrests


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* All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Year: 2021

Jan[417] Feb[467] Mar[501] April[555] May[600] June[492]
July[656] Aug[527] Sep[359] Oct Nov Dec

Year: 2020

Jan[745] Feb[652] Mar[574] April[330] May[508] June[459]
July[463] Aug[615] Sep[586] Oct[559] Nov[452] Dec[438]

Year: 2019

Jan[742] Feb[626] Mar[756] April[708] May[804] June[836]
July[813] Aug[753] Sep[734] Oct[758] Nov[710] Dec[575]

Year: 2018

Jan[718] Feb[720] Mar[663] April[794] May[743] June[327]
July[713] Aug[801] Sep[640] Oct[765] Nov[709] Dec[641]

Year: 2017

Jan[787] Feb[795] Mar[781] April[747] May[796] June[781]
July[791] Aug[813] Sep[722] Oct[847] Nov[706] Dec[676]

Year: 2016

Jan[573] Feb[574] Mar[718] April[605] May[773] June[795]
July[753] Aug[891] Sep[874] Oct[725] Nov[733] Dec[759]

Year: 2015

Jan[524] Feb[324] Mar[607] April[570] May[599] June[627]
July[562] Aug[618] Sep[586] Oct[620] Nov[596] Dec[677]

Year: 2014

Jan[500] Feb[464] Mar[495] April[540] May[602] June[577]
July[500] Aug[647] Sep[693] Oct[581] Nov[610] Dec[593]

Year: 2013

Jan[467] Feb[473] Mar[525] April[551] May[547] June[579]
July[590] Aug[603] Sep[634] Oct[544] Nov[503] Dec[584]

Year: 2012

Jan[654] Feb[528] Mar[772] April[638] May[724] June[565]
July[570] Aug[478] Sep[534] Oct[548] Nov[477] Dec[468]

Year: 2011

Jan[611] Feb[630] Mar[614] April[649] May[706] June[714]
July[699] Aug[758] Sep[746] Oct[732] Nov[649] Dec[660]

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