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{mosimage}Recent TV trailers promoting A&E's new movie show a short clip of a high school marching band performing on a football field. The fictional band's uniforms greatly resemble the Smithfield-Selma Marching Band uniforms, which has prompted a lot of inquiries to the SSS Band's Public Relations Coordinator, Jennifer Hinton.

North Carolina's local communities take pride in their children and their activities. North Carolina is big in the film industry, so one could assume that A&E loosley based the scenes on the local band's popularity. However, this coincidence is just a case of mistaken identity. The Smithfield-Selma Spartan Marching Band Programs have acquired quite a following on the internet. Many of their fans have posted full-length and partial video clips of their recent performances on www.youtube.com. Feel free to go to this web site and perform a search for files named: "SSS@ Havelock," "SSS@ West Johnston." Do your own uniform comparison and let us know what you think!