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Johnston County Arrest Reports Now Online - Archived & Searchable

Johnston County, NC - Johnston County public information arrest records are now being provided to 4042.com each evening and are processed into a database to enable viewing and searching by the 20,000 plus monthly visitors to this community website.

4042.com is now also providing an ongoing archive of Johnston County, NC arrests which, as it builds, will allow for viewing of records from previous months and years.

"We've considered adding news of Johnston County arrests for some time and have had frequent requests for it," said owner and Webmaster David Lippard. "We wanted to make sure we could bring something unique to the table when we launched it, so we did the work necessary to build an archive and provide a search function - features that aren't available on other sites that also display this information."

"Our goal is to continue to grow 4042.com and provide additional sources of community information for Johnston County residents," said Lippard.

The display of the arrest records has been formatted to allow for fast viewing from both standard browsers and smart phones. The Johnston County Arrest Reports can be viewed at:


The raw data and images are provided in a nightly feed to 4042.com from the Johnston County Sheriff’s Department and imported into a custom database.  Arrest records that occur Monday - Thursday will normally be available for viewing by 2:30am the following day.  Data for arrests made Friday - Sunday are received, processed and available for viewing each Monday, also by 2:30am.