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Roughly 71% of registered voters in Johnston County cast a ballot in this year's elections. Out of 101,228 registered voters in the county, 71,569 Johnston County residents voted. The county had 84,378 registered voters in 2004, which is an increase of 20%.

37,742 county voters cast ballots early, compared with 8,875 in 2004, said Johnston County Board of Elections Director Leigh Anne Price. This year's early voters accounted for 37% of all votes cast in Johnston County. Democrats outnumbered Republicans among early county voters.

There were 16,746 early Democratic voters and 13,372 Republicans. Independent early voters totaled 6,661. Twenty Libertarians also cast ballots early. Another 2,853 county residents - including military personnel - voted using mail-in absentee ballots. Among early voters, 778 took advantage of one-stop voting, which enables residents to register and vote all at once.

Curious as to how Johnston County residents voted in comaprison to other counties in our state? The percentages listed are voting results from Johnston County voters, the winner of each race is noted in parentheses.

Federal Races

US President and Vice-President Barack Obama and Joe Biden (D) 37.70% (National winner) John McCain and Sarah Palin (R) 61.46%
Bob Barr and Wayne A. Root (L) 0.56%

US Senate Kay Hagan (D) 41.76% (Winner)
Elizabeth Dole (R) (I) 55.24%
Christopher Cole (L) 2.95%

US House of Representatives District 02
Bob Etheridge (D) (I) 56.75% (Winner)
Dan Mansell (R) 41.52%
Will Adkins (L) 1.73%

State Races

Bev Perdue (D) (I) 41.61% (Winner)
Pat McCrory (R) 55.97%
Michael C. Munger (L) 2.42%

Lieutenant Governor
Walter H. Dalton (D) 42.00% (Winner)
Robert Pittenger (R) 55.37%
Phillip Rhodes (L) 2.63%

Attorney General
Roy Cooper (D) (I) 58.97% (Winner)
Bob Crumley (R) 41.03%

Beth A. Wood (D) (I) 43.04% (Winner)
Leslie Merritt (R) 56.96%

Commissioner of Agriculture
Ronnie Ansley (D) 34.37%
Steve Troxler (R) (I) 65.63% (Winner)

Commissioner of Insurance
Wayne Goodwin (D) 41.65% (Winner)
John Odom (R) 55.04%
Mark McMains (L) 3.23%

Commissioner of Labor
Mary Fant Donnan (D) 37.68%
Cherie Berry (R) (I) 62.32% (Winner)

Secretary of State
Elaine F. Marshall (D) (I) 51.83% (Winner)
Jack Sawyer (R) 48.17%

Superintendent of Public Instruction
June St. Clair Atkinson (D) 44.54% (Winner)
Richard Morgan (R) 55.46%

Janet Cowell (D) 43.03% (Winner)
Bill Daughtridge (R) (I) 56.97%

NC Senate District 12
Kay Carroll (D) 49.86%
David Rouzer (R) 50.14% (Winner)

NC House of Representatives District 026
Jimmy F. Garner (D) 45.31%
Leo Daughtry (R) (I) 54.69% (Winner)

NC House of Representatives District 028
James H. Langdon, Jr. (R) (I) 100%

County Races

County Commissioner District 1
James W. Brantley (D) 43.52%
Jeffrey P. Carver (R) (I) 56.48% (Winner)

County Commissioner District 2
W. Ray Woodall (R) (I) 100%

County Commissioner District 4
Glenn McLamb (D) 44.49%
DeVan Barbour (R) (I) 55.51% (Winner)

County Commissioner District 6
Lloyd Barnes, Jr. (D) 39.08%
Tony Braswell (R) (I) 60.92% (Winner)

State Races

Supreme Court Associate Justice
Robert H. (Bob) Edmunds, Jr. (I) 57.47% (Winner)
Suzanne Reynolds 42.53%

Court of Appeals Judge
John C. Martin (I) 100%

Court of Appeals Judge
Jewel Ann Farlow 48.68%
James A. (Jim) Wynn (I) 51.32% (Winner)

Court of Appeals Judge
Sam J. Ervin, IV (I) 48.96% (Winner)
Kristin Ruth 51.04%

Court of Appeals Judge
Cheri Beasley 51.69% (Winner)
Doug McCullough (I) 48.31%

Court of Appeals Judge
Dan Barrett 44.93%
Linda Stephens (I) 55.07% (Winner)

Court of Appeals Judge
John S. Arrowood (I) 36.05%
Robert N. (Bob) Hunter, Jr. 63.95% (Winner)

District Court Judge District 11
Bob Bryant, Jr. 100%

District Court Judge District 11
(Bullock) Charles Bullock (I) 56.51% (Winner)
Gary W. Ragland 43.49%

District Court Judge District 11
Resson O. Faircloth (I) 100%

District Court Judge District 11
Jackie Lee (I) 100%

District Court Judge District 11
Jim Love, Jr. (I) 100%

District Court Judge District 11
Paul A. Holcombe 53.05% (Winner)
George R. Murphy (I) 46.95%

District Court Judge District 11
R. Dale Stubbs (I) 100%

District Court Judge District 11
O. Henry Willis (I) 100%

County Races

Board of Education
Keith Branch 14.86% (Winner)
W. Landis Bullock 9.84%
Amy Elizabeth Devereaux 9.54%
Greg Evans 13.37%
Lynn Neiverth 7.25%
Peggy D. Smith 14.71% (Winner)
Donna M. White (I) 14.91% (Winner)
Mike Wooten 15.20% (Winner)

Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor
Johanna Wood 98.33% (Winner)