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At the age of 3 weeks old, Laura was diagnosed with Desmoid-Infantile Fibromatosis. These are very rare tumors, only effecting about two to five cases per million people every year. The cause of desmoid tumors is unknown. In some patients, desmoids can occur as part of an inherited syndrome called Gardner Syndrome, in which patients also have colon polyps or colon cancer. Desmoid tumors are neither a truly benign nor a truly malignant cancer. Also they can become aggressive, painful, and even life -threatening.

Laura's first tumor was located in her left thigh and recently the tumor has spread and a new mass was found in her left knee. At the current age of 6 years old Laura has undergone 6 MRIs, 3 biopsy's, 1 ultrasound and 3 x-rays. Laura's tumor has become larger and it is causing her headaches and stomach aches, as well as limiting her range of motion (she cannot bend down). Due to the size andlocation of her tumors surgery is not an option and she is beginning her first round of treatment injection.

Medical bills can become quite expensive, even with insurance. It is said that every family is only one major illness away from bankruptcy. Laura attends Kim's Kids Inc. Before and After School Center. Kim's Kids is accepting donations to help pay for Laura's medical related expenses. A fundraiser was kicked off at the Strawberry Festival and money will be raised all summer long. Raffle tickets are also being sold for a new lawn mower on behalf of Laura and all people suffering from Desmoid - Infantile Fibromatosis.

To make a donation get in touch with Kim Stephenson at Kim's Kids Inc. at 919-934-1833 or 919-625-0038 or at First Citizens bank located at 40/42 in the name of Laura Ann (a special account has been set up for her). Checks can be made out to the Laura Ann Medical Fund.