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Johnston County's population has risen nearly 25% since 2000. Yet, the increase in cases filed with the Johnston County DA has increased about 38%.

{mosimage}District Attorney Susan Doyle states the DA's Office is challenged in handling the County's growing caseloads. "The employee turnover rate in the District Attorney's Office is high," she states. Private practice law firms seek Assistant DAs and can offer a higher salary, leaving more inexperienced Assistant DAs to handle cases. Doyle would like to offer more competitive salaries to employees, but understands the profession of public service is often underpaid. She states that she looks for employees who have a passion for public service, and will work to make Johnston County a better place to live, work & play.

In 2006, there were a total of 6,212 arrests in the County. Domestic offenses made up roughly 23%, Assault 9%, and Sexual Offenses 2% of the overall arrest rate. However, drug-related charges were at 21%. Most crime, particularly violent crime, is drug-related in the County. One of Doyle's priorities while in office is to create a narcotics prosecution team within the District Attorney's office. "Our local officers are doing a great job of arresting the defendants who are involved in drug activity. We need to devote more resources within the District Attorney's office to prosecute the drug cases more aggressively and effectively," she states.

District Attorney Doyle would also like to implement a habitual felon policy so that more defendants who have three or more prior felony convictions will be indicted and prosecuted as habitual felons. "Too often our law enforcement officers complain about arresting the same defendant's over and over again. We need to focus on these career criminals who pose a threat to our society and remove them from our community," she declares.

    Cases Filed    
Case Type   2000-2001   2005-2006    Increase
Misdemeanors   8,850   9,539   7.7%
Criminal Motor Vehicle   14,634   23,075   57.7%
Infractions   9,813   13,458   37.1%
Felony Cases   1,235   1,704   37.9%
TOTAL   34,532   47,776   38.4%