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Did you know that there is a local high-speed Internet service provider right at 40/42?

{mosimage}QRO Wireless, founded in December of 2002 by Ernie Nieradka, offers high-speed Internet access, wireless networking, offsite backup, and wireless surveillance services. "When you must compete with the larger companies, it's all about service," states Nieradka. QRO's quality service sets them apart from other service carriers in the area - and elsewhere.

QRO Wireless launched successful branches in Idaho and Alabama - all through their reputation for quality service and reasonable rates. Currently, QRO has approximately 120 customers in Johnston County, and over 300 in Alabama and Idaho combined. What started out as a trial of design & engineering in two Idaho cities has grown to a 17-city network.

In Alabama, the response for service has been great. With little availability of high-speed services, Alabamians are leaving the dial-up world behind. Business owners and residents alike are discovering the power and ease of using QRO's high-speed services.

In North Carolina, QRO Wireless is targeting cities with residents of less than 10,000 residents. With external funding secured, the company will begin a rollout of services to cities East of I-95 during the first quarter of 2008. That means that residents who have had to rely on dial-up Internet service due to their more rural locations can soon utilize the advantages high-speed that us city folks take for granted.

{mosimage}And, just so you know, QRO does actually stand for something. In the world of amateur handheld radio, the letters QRO stand for  "More power". And that's just what QRO Wireless plans to do!

Note:  You can view the world famous 40/42 intersection on the webcam which operates on the QRO Wireless high speed network.