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Last month, the Clayton Town Council approved a resolution requesting that the N.C. Department of Transportation reduce the speed limit on Amelia Church Road from 45 miles per hour to 35 mph.

Even though not all of the effected stretch of the road is within town limits, the town wants the reduction for the portion of road that extends from U.S. 70 to Guy Road. Right now, a majority of the road is posted as 45 mph, with a small portion of the road just south of U.S. 70 Business at 35 mph. The town is concerned about the sectionportion of the road near the intersection with Shotwell Road.

In a letter last month to NCDOT, Town Manager Steve Biggs wrote: "We would request your consideration to reduce the posted speed limit on Amelia Church Road for the segment between Highway 70 and Landmark Subdivision, but most particularly in the vicinity of the intersection with Shotwell Road." The town is building a community center near the Shotwell intersection, a fact Biggs pointed out in the letter. "More recently the town has moved forward with construction of a 30,000-square-foot community center with a driveway alignment across from the existing intersection with Shotwell Road," Biggs wrote. "Other circumstances in support of a reduced speed zone in this area include a blind curve with short sight distances for northbound traffic, the installation of a parallel pedestrian and multi-use trail, and the continuing problem of the angle of the intersection with Shotwell."

Biggs also noted the road's recent history of motor vehicle accidents."We have performed preliminary research on the number of accidents along Amelia Church Road and its intersections. Over a three-year period we found 107 accidents listing Amelia Church as the scene or cross street of an accident including 18 with personal injuries and one involving a pedestrian." The speed limit change must be approved by NCDOT’s Board of Transportation.