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Eastern Carolina Cognitive Training Center in association with Clayton Counseling Services is now offering Play Attention, a program specifically for children and adults with attention and focus issues (such as ADD and ADHD). As a certified provider, ECCTC will help students and adults improve their attention skills, increase time-on-task and reduce impulsive behavior.

Play Attention measures brain waves and presents feedback in a video-game format. It improves student skill with attention-training techniques similar to those developed by NASA and the United States Air Force. Research shows this type of feedback significantly increases attention and response control. Play Attention generates detailed reports reflecting each individual's progress.

{mosimage}For the very first time, Play Attention allows individuals to 'see' their attention in real time using the brain as a 'joystick' or 'mouse.' The training program addresses learning to focus, visual tracking, time-on-task, short-term memory sequencing and discriminatory processing.

ECCTC is located in Clayton at 9933 Hwy 70W (Clayton Counseling Services). Call 359-9070 for more information.