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Smithfield, NC - The Johnston County Emergency Management Department was notified today that the N.C. Department of Transportation (DOT) would begin picking up storm-related debris from the April 16, 2011 tornadoes.

Tornado related debris should be cut and moved to the street (DOT right-of-way) and separated into two piles with vegetative in one pile and construction and demolition debris in another. Debris should be cut in length in approximately 10 foot sections. White goods (appliances) will not be picked up by the DOT but should be taken to the landfill. The DOT will not pick up debris from personal property.

Citizens with questions regarding hazardous waste disposal are asked to contact the Johnston County Landfill at (919) 938-4750.

Citizens wishing to volunteer their services in the tornado recovery effort are encouraged to contact the Johnston County Emergency Operations Center at (919) 989-5400.