facebook Share on Facebook {mosimage}Clayton is a great place to live - a booming town in the heart of Johnston County that begs for your attention. New and long-term residents alike already know that Clayton is a great place. But they want everyone else to know it too!

Clayton's new marketing message is simple - but very effective. "Think Clayton." Arnett Muldrow & Associates worked with the Town to develop the brand, as well as a market analysis. Community leaders were looking for a branding or marketing campaign that all businesses, agencies, and community groups could use to promote Clayton while promoting themselves. The results? A comprehensive campaign to focus on the aspects of the Town that keep drawing people in!

The Clayton Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors endorsed and supported the campaign and said, "...concept of "Think Clayton" is not only innovative but will represent the community well." Mayor Jody McLeod stated, "This is a very exciting campaign and the use of the brand is limited only by one's imagination." Working with the Clayton Area Chamber of Commerce, and other business groups, town officials are looking at ways to encourage businesses to incorporate the new brand into their marketing and promotion plans.